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Another look at the generational marketing snapshots provided in the new Pew Research Center study on Millennials (see yesterday’s post).  Today’s topic: Technology. 

 Two years ago, Harris Interactive asked Americans what they’d re-name their generation, if they could.  A full quarter of both Millennials and Gen X chose “Generation Tech.”  That finding is confirmed in Pew’s new research which reported that – especially for the 18-29 year olds -, technology is what defines them as distinct from Boomers and beyond.


It’s not just use of technology but attitude that distinguishes Millennials and Gen Xers from their elders.

“[A] majority of the public takes the positive view of modern technology. Half of the public says that new technology makes people closer to their friends and family, but 39% say that new technology makes people more isolated. A majority of Millennials (54%) and Gen Xers (52%) think that new technology makes people closer to each other rather than more isolated. But Boomers and members of the Silent generation are more divided in their opinion.”

The upshot for those marketing to Baby Boomers and Silent Generation?  Many elders are tech savvy and active online.  But it’s not what defines them.  Don’t forget traditional marketing techniques such as direct mail or print advertising when trying to motivate 50+ consumers.

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Erin Read

Erin Read spearheads integrated and digital marketing programs for organizations targeting mature consumers. She writes, researches and speaks about marketing to baby boomers and seniors. Erin has addressed local, regional, international conferences on generational marketing. She is the co-author of three national studies/eBooks (Photo Finish; Social, Silver Surfers 2010 & 2013) and the principal blogger for Mature Marketing Matters.