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Mature Marketing Tweets of the Week – 11/28/2011

November 28th, 2011 Posted by Erin Read

Last week was Thanksgiving in the US, and Creating Results has plenty to be thankful for on Twitter. (Does that mean we give thwanks??) First, we’re thankful for the nearly 1,000 people who share our passion for marketing to baby boomers and seniors and have chosen to follow @CreatingResults. And, we’re grateful to those who click on, re-tweet and discuss the links and resources we share on this platform.


1. A pair of search-related tweets continue to be the MOST CLICKED. First, a link to a post by Ted Ives on a paid search finding that has bearing on organic search marketing (the post also features a nice explanation of the difference between paid and organic).

Next, a link to new research on how retailers will divvy up their digital marketing budgets in 2012. “[R]etailers intend to devote 30% of their digital marketing budget to paid search, 18% to email and 11% to SEO/natural search. And 31% of respondents say they expect SEO to generate the most revenue, 30% say mobile, and 22% email.” (MediaPost)

2. MOST SHARED: From toilet paper to technology, the challenges of Universal Design – http://bit.ly/uu0cvz. The author observes:

It’s funny how anti-universal some everyday items can be. Most toilet paper holders, for instance, require two hands to change the roll. Some people, particularly the elderly and stroke survivors, often can only use one hand – and suddenly, the simplest everyday tasks become impossible. The same thing can be said for many of our websites and consumer software. For instance, more than 100 million web surfers all over the world today are colorblind, and potentially can’t view important details in websites due to subtle color differences. So in addition to the challenge of coming up with good web pages, web designers need to make sure that their pages are viewable by people with all sorts of vision deficiencies.

(To learn how your website can create a more positive experience for users of all ages – but especially baby boomers and seniors – download our free white paper, “Usability Guidelines for Active Adults Online.”)

3. MOST DISCUSSED: Social media requires the art of brand storytelling: it must be beautiful, talkable and living.  http://bit.ly/vePfN0

4. MOST MUPPETATIONAL: File this under GenX: How social media revived the Muppets. http://on.mash.to/tVbwPN

They’ve done it partly through viral videos such as a spoof of the Happy Huffmans (that senior couple experimenting with a webcam). The Muppets version features of Statler & Waldorf trying to jump on the Internet superhighway: http://bit.ly/t6iuyC


Have a thought on any of these links? Please share it below – we’re always thankful for your comments.

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