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Who would have guessed 25 years ago that anyone (even a 5-year-old!) could take — and instantly share — great photos using a device that's about the size of a wallet?

The visual world changed dramatically in the 1990s with the invention of a chip making that possible. By 2003 more camera phones were sold worldwide than stand-alone digital cameras, and by 2006 half the world's mobile phones had a built-in camera.

Today, many organizations are still struggling to react to the challenges this paradigm shift in photography have created.

Looking ahead to 2017 it is critical not only to acknowledge — but to embrace and thoughtfully plan for — photography as a necessary investment. How?

Real Estate Logo Design learnings from the HOW Conference

I recently attended the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta, where thousands of artists, designers and design enthusiasts from around the world gathered to celebrate and promote design in all its forms.

It was a great chance to absorb, learn and be inspired by this amazing, eclectic design community‪.

One particularly helpful session I attended was Design Globally–Think Locally, presented by Sagi Haviv from the New York agency Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv (CGH)‪.

Haviv shared a challenging logo design project that resonated with me because it was so similar to several real estate logo design experiences we've had at Creating Results.

Who's behind those Foster Grants? Smart marketers who seem to understand that marketing without regard to age is the best marketing. We applaud Foster Grant for their recent selection of Raquel Welch (68) for a new ad campaign. Welch seems a great match for the brand's message: both are sexy, authentic, and timeless.

Does a green initiative make sense - from a brand perspective - for Wal-Mart? MediaPost asked Creating Results for its thoughts, and the answer was "yes - perfect sense." Consumers "are looking to make a connection, and it's a way for brands to speak right to people's core values," [Creating Results' Erin] Ruddick says. Values marketing is important when trying…