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Happy Monday! The mature marketing stories of the past week that drew the greatest amount of interest focused on how Boomers process information differently than younger generations, and how each generation rates itself in terms of morality and qualities that characterize their behaviors as citizens, earners and consumers. Have something to share? We'd love to hear your thoughts so please…

Many moons ago when Creating Results began to focus exclusively on marketing to boomers and seniors there was a "basic rule" for choosing images: Pick photos that showed people 10 to 15 years younger than the age you were targeting. Why? Because, "they" said, that's how people saw themselves.

Literature and movies have long played with the idea of people's perceptions of themselves as different from reality. Those perceptions extend to the labels we choose to accept or reject for our tribes and ourselves. A new study from Pew Research gives insights into how Millennials, Gen X, Boomers and Silent Generation members feel about their generational labels.

Our usual Monday round-up of top baby boomer marketing links is a Tuesday round-up, thanks to a long Labor Day weekend filled (we hope) with cheer. The seasons are starting to change, and there's quite a lot to round-up! Our friends on Twitter and other social platform were frequent sharers and chatterers last week.

1. MOST SHARED: A three-way finish!

- "Sell something and you create a customer today. Help someone and you create a customer for life." Claire Axelrad took this philosophy from Jay Baer and applied it to non-profit content marketing in a post that resonated with a number of our followers.

New data shows more Millennials living with their parents, a rise in multigenerational housing.

I remember graduating from college in 1992. I had a degree from an excellent college, a decent GPA, a pretty strong track record of leadership and work while an undergraduate, and what seemed like no prospects for a job. Why? The early 1990s Recession.

So, what to do? I moved back home to Mom. Then I applied my most marketable skill (not the degree, no, but the 90-words-a-minute I could type) and got a job as a temporary secretary for a few months until I could afford to move out. A few months of multigenerational living with 60ish Mom and my 80-year-old Nana was more than enough for me.

With that context in mind ... This week's top mature marketing links could be a flashback for readers who are fellow Gen Xers or a present pain point for readers who are Boomers.

1. MOST SHARED: Boomerang kids are staying put with Mom and Dad. Is this the "new normal"? That's what Next Avenue's Sue Campbell asked after reading the latest Pew Research.

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1. MOST CLICKED: The older population increases, but younger, Millennial cohort is now larger and has greater diversity.

What boomer and senior marketing resources captured the most clicks, shares and conversation last week? Read on for our regular links round-up. 1. MOST CLICKED: Did you know that an old channel (email) can help you be more effective with a new channel (social)? Chris Penn explains how: Facebook and Twitter "can accept an upload of email addresses from your…

A new study from Radius Global Marketing Research compares the purchase influences for Baby Boomers and their children, known as Gen Y or Millennials. The upshot? Boomers are more influenced by advertising than the younger generation; Millennials are more influenced by word of mouth and search engines. How Boomers and Millennials Research Products Radius reports that 90% of Millennials (18-32…