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Did YOU want to work in senior living when you grew up?

Earlier in the year, Creating Results’ Executive Vice President Kimberly Hulett and I attended a LeadingAge DC event, “C-Suite Round Table Discussion: The Future of Aging Services” at George Washington University.

Organizations like Asbury, Kendal’s Collington, Goodwin House, Vinson Hall and Stoddard Baptist Homes were represented on the panel.

As we expected, these leaders in non-profit senior living shared great insights into the future of aging services.

What we didn’t expect to hear was what sounded like “convincing” directed at the George Washington long-term care management students who also were in attendance.


A new week, a new round-up of the content that grabbed the attention of marketing pros!

Each Monday, we tally which were the boomers / seniors marketing articles, research and other items that got our followers engaging on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Ghost-Town Plus ... er, I mean Google Plus.

Then, we share the top items here on our blog. Be sure to follow us on those social platforms for even more 50+ marketing insights!


Where are Baby Boomers moving to? Which metro areas are they leaving behind?

Headlight Data analyzed the most recent U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey for an actionable summary of trends:


Last week we had the privilege to speak at LeadingAge Pennsylvania’s annual conference on “The End of Advertising. The Advent of Engagement.” There was a lot of enthusiasm for Creating Results’ definition of engagement: “the act of turning people on to your brand in a way that improves business.” Many attendees asked for additional ideas and best practices, so we’re…

Yesterday, the United States celebrated Labor Day. According to the United State Department of Labor, "Labor Day ... constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country." Each year, fewer of those workers are baby boomers, as millions of the cohort have retired in recent years.  With the aging of baby boomers, we…

Busy week ahead! Let's dive right in to our round-up of links and resources useful to mature marketing pros. 1. MOST CLICKED: An interesting discussion on the average age of Facebook workers, begun by thought-leader Jeremiah Owyang. He posted: "Am I too old to work at Facebook? Since the median age at Facebook is 28 (reports the NYT) and many…


Last week I had the privilege of attending an event that made me smile, think and act. The occasion was the launch of Retirement on the Line, a new book by anthropologist Caitrin Lynch based on her 5 year study of eldersourcing at the Vita Needle factory in Needham, MA. For your own smiles, read what 100-year-old employee Rosa Finnegan…

Two new sources of data, statistics and insight into how the current economic conditions are affecting mature consumers.  First, the Pew Research Center finds that the majority of 65+ers (Silent Generation members) keep working because they want to and that older workers are happier on the job than younger workers.   However, as the AARP Economic Team notes in a July…

British researchers have theorized that working past retirement age can delay dementia.  The Boston Globe theorizes that this may be a benefit to older Americans forced to continue working.  On one point there is no question: Since the start of the recession, more people nearing or just past retirement age have opted to stay in the workforce. Polina Vlasenko, a researcher…