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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – Vegas, Baby (Boomer)!

February 9th, 2015 Posted by Erin Read

Snowy days and Mondays always got you down? We’ve got the cure. Put on your shades and dream of Las Vegas, as it prompted the top content in this week’s 50+ marketing links round-up.

1. MOST CLICKED: Creating Results’ Sally O’Donnell went to Las Vegas in late January, for the International Builders’ Show. Her focus at the conference (as it is on a daily basis) was 50+ or “active adult” housing. Sally fought the crowds on the show floor, attended various sessions and cheered on two of our clients who won national Best of 50+ Housing Awards. (See below.)

Then Sally made her way back to our West Coast office and shared “A Millennial’s Perspective on Marketing to Boomers,” a series of posts for this blog.

To continue the Vegas theme, her first post was a winning hand. She wrote:

“Did you know that the average attention span now is only 8 seconds? That’s less than the attention span of a goldfish. While I didn’t even know that goldfish had attention spans, it brings to light a critical issue in marketing to your audience.

You now have less time than it took Usain Bolt to break a world record to introduce and reinforce your brand so that people even take a second look.”

Find out how Sally recommends 50+ housing marketers “get lucky in 8 seconds:” http://bit.ly/1AO7Q4q

2. MOST SHARED: Part 2 of Sally’s 50+ housing series had our audience of mature marketing pros going all in, re-tweeting, sharing and favoriting the post.

“It’s time to invest in your website the way you would invest in a model home or printing collateral,” she wrote, and offered some recent research findings to explain why. Larry Guengerich of Landis Homes then shared a terrific example of website upgrades in a comment on the post.

Check out Landis’ idea, and add your own: http://bit.ly/1zOCaZG

RELATED: White paper – “Web Usability Guidelines for Active Adult Home Buyers”

3. Also of note

* 4 Things Every CEO Should Know About Their Inbound Marketing, by Neil Eniex  http://bit.ly/1KA7JLE

* Video will become the “content of choice” + more predictions from Social Media Examiner  http://bit.ly/1zOCOq3

* “Next year, old people will be the new puppy dogs” of Super Bowl advertising, says the Ad Contrarian in his recap of the Big Game’s big ads  http://bit.ly/1733KZO


Creating Results' Sally O'Donnell at the 2015 Best of 50+ Housing Awards

2015 Best of 50+ Housing Awards

A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Creating Results’ clients on their 2015 Best of 50+ Housing awards!

Liberty Healthcare was honored with two Gold awards, for the “Best 50+ Independent Living Community On the Boards,” and “Best 50+ Fitness & Wellness Program.” Fantastic news!

Traditions of America received 6 Golds and 1 Silver, including four awards for marketing. Creating Results is proud to have partnered with Traditions on these innovative programs. And we just had to take a photo of our favorite Millennial after the event …

Kudos to Sally and the whole team!

How to “Up the Ante” When Marketing to Baby Boomer Homebuyers

February 5th, 2015 Posted by Sally O'Donnell

Second in a series of posts featuring insights from the 2015 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas.

While at the International Builders’ Show I attended a session which offered some interesting stats on home buying and your website:

* 92% hunt for their new home online

* 75% of prospective buyers start searching within a year of purchase – starting with Google

* 36% use their mobile phone as their shopping companion

Those stats, from the National Association of Realtors, are for buyers of all ages. Creating Results surveyed senior and baby boomer homebuyers, and found that 37% of “Social, Silver Surfers” have rejected a community solely based on their website.

YResponsive website, active adult builder Traditions of Americaour website is rapidly becoming the most powerful part of the sales process. The reason is simple: baby boomer homebuyers form an opinion of you before they even step foot on your site entirely based on your website. The statistics speak for themselves. And while it may be a harsh reality, you’ll lose prospects if your website doesn’t meet their standards.

It’s time to invest in your website the way you would invest in a model home or printing collateral. Treating your website as the heart of an integrated marketing plan is your best bet.

A strong website is responsive with rich content. Responsive design is an increasingly popular (and recommended) approach that provides visitors with an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (mobile, tablet and desktop). Going responsive should be your goal this year – not only to provide your users with a positive experience, but also to get on Google’s good side. Google rewards responsive/mobile-friendly sites with higher organic search rankings.

Believe it or not, Millennials are not the only ones on the go. Yes, my cell phone may be within arm’s reach of me at all times. But that’s true of baby boomers, too!

88% of baby boomers have a cell phone. At the same token, 37% of those aged 50-64 own a tablet – and that number is rising fast. Developing a mobile strategy through responsive design allows you to get ahead of your baby boomer audience, stay on the digital curve, and most importantly, be visible.


Website upgrades are a solid investment, one that will absolutely pay off. Being visible online to your prospects is increasingly becoming the only way to reach them.

But what’s the one thing your brand can give boomer homebuyers that they can’t search for on Google? We’ll explore that in our next post.


RELATED: Part 1, Playing the Best Hand to Reach Your Audience

Playing the Best Hand to Reach Your Audience

February 4th, 2015 Posted by Sally O'Donnell

A Millennial’s Perspective on Marketing to Boomers

In the spirit of gambling…
When someone considers a 24-year-old heading to Las Vegas, I’m willing to bet they don’t think she’s there to learn about marketing to boomers.

Crowds at International Builders' Show, 2015

Source: International Builders’ Show, 2015

Believe it or not, that’s just what I got to do two weeks ago at the International Builders’ Show. Me and 125,000 builders, marketers, designers and more hit the Las Vegas Convention Center – all 3.2 million square feet of it – to kick off 2015. There were opportunities to learn new trends, share expert advice and, most importantly, tap creative and innovative ideas to put into play this year.

While I’m not much of a gambler, Vegas did teach me some tricks to play my cards right when marketing to not only the 50+ audience, but also homebuyers of any age.

For the next few days, I’ll be sharing insights from Las Vegas that can help you “win” with baby boomer homebuyers.

Lucky Number 8

Did you know that the average attention span now is only 8 seconds? That’s less than the attention span of a goldfish. While I didn’t even know that goldfish had attention spans, it brings to light a critical issue in marketing to your audience.

You now have less time than it took Usain Bolt to break a world record to introduce and reinforce your brand so that people even take a second look.

How do you do this?

Color Emotion Guide - Source: The Logo Company

Source: The Logo Company

1) First off, people are visual. The use of color in your strategy can convey so much in so little time. The Color Emotion Guide shows consumers’ responses to certain colors. What does your logo say about you?

While I am a millennial myself, understanding the 50+ audience should influence your strategy regarding color and design. As you age, eyes and comfort levels change. Calm tones of blue, green and purple are the most appealing, while serif fonts are most readable.

2) The use of bold and eye-catching imagery is another way to convey emotion quickly. (Download our whitepaper “15 Design Tips for the Mature Consumer” to learn more about photography and color use with baby boomers.)

3) Beyond that, phrasing is key. With digital marketing taking precedence, you now have even less space and less time to deliver messages.

To get lucky in 8 seconds or less, don’t try to say everything at once. Focus on what makes you different – whether that’s your location, your offerings, your lifestyle, etc. What makes you special enough for a prospect to want to learn more?

Keep it short so that after 8 seconds, they head to your website. That is where you want them to dig deeper…

And where we’ll focus tomorrow’s post.

Mature Marketing Links of the Week: Renter Stats and Effective Landing Pages

February 2nd, 2015 Posted by Beth Mickey

Happy Groundhog Day!  Word is that Phil saw his shadow, meaning 6 more weeks of winter. Here’s to spring… it can’t get here soon enough!

Now, let’s explore the mature marketing stories of the past week that had people talking and influenced marketers.  Have something to share?  We’d love your comments and look forward to hearing from you.

Residential lifestyle preference surveyMOST SHARED: Renter lifestyle preferences were front and center in a recent survey conducted by Multifamily Executive. More than 27,000 individuals of all ages were surveyed to identify preferences that shape their dream apartment living scenario.  Some key insights from the survey:

*  51% desire to buy a house within the next 5 years, which 25% indicate they are renters by choice (25% of boomers indicating their desire to rent and 6% of silents)

*  Overwhelmingly, respondents expressed that their dream community needs to provide a variety of options for staying fit and active.

*  47% of boomer renters indicate they go out on the weekends, and the proximity to entertainment, dining and retail is important to them.

*  While less is more for the younger cohorts, 29% of boomers and 26% of silents indicated a need for ample storage space within their apartments.

For mature marketers targeting boomer and senior renters, ensuring your communities not only include but tout these desired lifestyle options is key in motivating prospective renters.

Read more of the survey here.

MOST CLICKED:   SurveyGizmo’s recent checklist for creating successful landing pages generated a great deal of interest (and clicks) over the last week.  The post identified 9 aspects of a landing page that it notes as mission critical to success.  We couldn’t agree more with the importance of this vehicle for driving awareness and, most importantly, lead conversions.  Tips in the post included:

*  Ensuring the content makes sense.

* Making sure it answers the “What’s In It for Me” question for visitors.

*  Incorporating keywords to ensure it is fully optimized for search engines.

Discover more tips for landing pages when you read the full story.

Mature Marketing Links of the Week – You Tell ‘Em, Seniors

January 26th, 2015 Posted by Erin Read

It’s a sad fact for many seniors that as they age, they feel ignored. (Certainly most of today’s youth-focused advertising overlooks older adults!) This week’s recap of top mature marketing links shares two stories that buck that trend.

90 year old product designer Barbara Beskind. Photo source: Nicholas Zurcher/IDEO

Photo source: Nicholas Zurcher/IDEO

1. MOST CLICKED: At 90, Barbara Beskind is designing tech for aging boomers.

After seeing a feature on the innovation firm, IDEO, in which the founder emphasized the need for a diverse team, she wrote the firm. Her hiring added a new kind of diversity: age.

Beskind also has macular degeneration, making her perspective highly valued at a company designing products to help aging consumers.

“Beskind says as she gets older and faces new problems in the world, she’s thankful she’s a designer. ‘It makes aging more tolerable, more enjoyable,” she says. “I enjoy the age I’m in. I think it’s one of the best chapters of my life.'”

Hear the story on NPR: http://n.pr/1JsTMi0

A not-unrelated stat: The average age of a Creating Results team member is 42 years old. Our maturity means that clients don’t have to struggle with a 22-year-old designer who wants to be cool and trendy; we get the need to balance fresh creative with considerations for aging eyes. And we are, many of us, in the lifestage our clients market to. We’re wondering about our next chapters, helping aging parents find the right housing solutions, planning for retirement of some sort …

2. MOST SHARED: If you could say ONE thing to a younger person, what would it be? A YouTube producer called Freddy Fairhair (yup) asked seniors in a number of countries that question. Their answers proved inspiring to Creating Results’ followers on various social platforms!

What advice would YOU give? You don’t have to be a senior … Thoughts from all our readers are welcome in the comments below.

3. Also of noteTech tips topped the Twit parade this week –

* Via SurveyGizmo (my personal favorite for online polling and surveying): Handy 9 point checklist for optimizing your PPC landing pages http://bit.ly/1LaO9qw

* Via Hurricane Media: How to create an engaging, “winning” YouTube channel http://bit.ly/1yV6YZW

* Via Duct Tape Marketing: 5 ways to get the most out of social media marketing. http://bit.ly/1EMdhiU We’d of course add a 6th way: study how the boomer and senior audiences differ from other ages! http://bit.ly/SocSilTw 


George Bernard Shaw wrote that “We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.” At Creating Results, we’re looking forward to another week doing what we can to create a more positive future for older adults. Happy Monday!

Mature Marketing Links of the Week: Giving and Graying

January 19th, 2015 Posted by Beth Mickey

Happy Monday!  Before we jump into the mature marketing stories of the past week that generated the greatest amount of interest around the water cooler, we pause to honor Martin Luther King, Jr on this holiday Monday.  His words were inspiring and his efforts so important in shaping the future for us all.

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

MOST CLICKED: A majority of individuals were intrigued by a recent Forbes article detailing the graying of America.  Entitled “Aging America: The U.S. Cities Going Gray The Fastest”, the article highlights research into what cities not only contain the largest concentrations of those 65+, but cities that have seen the largest gains in this segment over the last 3 years.

America's Grayest CitiesSome key findings include:

* The overall senior population has increased 29% since 2000, compared to the general growth of population at just 12% since 2000.

* Florida continues to have the highest concentration of seniors, with the Tampa-St. Petersburg area having the largest in-state percentage.

* Pittsburgh has the second largest concentration with 18% of the population over 65.

* Those cities with the lowest concentration of seniors: Salt Lake City, Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth.

The report also examined cities that have seen the largest increases in this part of the population. However, it first noted that in many cases the reason for the increases are partially based on the fact that many actually relocated when they were younger, and have simply decided to remain in their current towns. So who is graying the fastest?  According to research the top locations include Atlanta, Raleigh and Austin.  And, the article noted, the suburb areas of these and other locations are seeing the largest gains with many moving away from the big cities.  For marketers targeting mature consumers, knowing the demographics of your regions is key to ensuring your messaging is aligned with reality.

Read the full article.

MOST SHARED: The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently released what it says are “6 Trends to Watch in 2015″. Overall, the article noted that charitable giving in 2015 is predicted to exceed pre-recession highs, potentially making it a record year for many organizations.

Despite stock-market volatility and weaknesses in the global economy, experts say we’re headed for another year of increased giving, thanks in part to an acceleration in the generational transfer of family wealth.

Top trend predictions include:

1. Nonprofits and foundations will continue to see a changing of the guard in leadership, with many baby boomers stepping down from key roles, opening doors for Gen X to take charge.

2. Many nonprofits are helping people raise larger amount of money and generate more exposure to their efforts by providing how-to inspirations.  One example was a recent program by The World Wildlife Fund which encouraged supporters to turn milestones such as birthdays and events into fundraising opportunities.

Discover more trends when you read the complete article.


31% of all Seniors are on Facebook, Finds Pew Research Center

January 14th, 2015 Posted by Erin Read

The holidays were very good to me this year, and it appears the gifts keep coming. The Pew Research Internet Project has released its annual look at social media site usage. New this new year? More seniors than ever using social networks, specifically Facebook.

Chart - Social network site use by age

When we look at the 50-64 year old age group, we see the biggest gainer among the social networks was Pinterest. 14% of online Baby Boomers were pinning in 2013; 27% of online Boomers were using the platform in 2014.

Specific to seniors 65 years or older … Maeve Duggan and the other authors of this Pew report write:

“For the first time, more than half of all online adults 65 and older (56%) use Facebook. This represents 31% of all seniors.”

LinkedIn saw a big uptick from this group, reflecting the influx of Boomers into the “senior” category. Pinterest also is gaining in popularity with older adults, as the table below shows.

Table - use of Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest by Boomers and Seniors - 2015

To access Pew’s report: http://pewrsr.ch/17HC1Op


Mature Marketing Links of the Week – Digital Media, especially Facebook

January 5th, 2015 Posted by Erin Read

Happy New Year! And thank you for making this blog part of your 2015 efforts to successfully market to mature consumers.

We’re starting this first week of the new year the way we start each week, with a quick round-up of the content that garnered the most attention in the past week. What got mature marketing pros clicking, tweeting and sharing? Read on.

1. MOST CLICKED:  Creating Results tweeted that we were reading eMarketer’s “2015 snapshot” of US Digital Media Usage, and soon you were too. It includes stats on mobile use (and how many of those mobile phone owners are using social networks or digital video on the go), tablets, and more. This chart caught our eye, showing that of the 179.7M social networkers of all ages there are 156.5M Facebook users:

eMarketer Digital Media Usage

Source: eMarketer

Why did I find Facebook’s dominance so interesting? Because our Social, Silver Surfers survey confirms that Facebook dominates for older adults, too:

Chart - social networking platforms used by online adults over 40

Download eMarketer’s report: http://bit.ly/1Aw9gin

2. MOST SHARED: “Dear Facebook,” begins this terrific post by Tamara Dull.

“Last week, we reached our 7-year anniversary mark … I’m sorry we didn’t celebrate, but I really didn’t feel like it. Ever since you asked me for my home address a few months ago, my feelings have begun to change. You crossed a line, dude.”

Find out why Tamara is unhappy in her relationship with that most-dominant of social networks, and what she’s hoping to change in the next year: http://bit.ly/1KevjON

3. Also of note: Aging America: The U.S. Cities Going Gray The Fastest — critical info for those marketing to mature consumers: http://onforb.es/1KewkGr


Mature Marketing Links of the Week – The Countdown

December 29th, 2014 Posted by Beth Mickey

It’s hard to believe that in just a few short days 2014 will come to a close.  Today our links of the week takes a look back at the mature marketing news and blog posts that generated the most interest and comments during the past year. Enjoy this year-end wrap up and we’ll see you in 2015!

Top Mature Marketing Blog Posts

#5: Boomers & Health: This post from November highlighted a study examining online health-related searches across all generations. Regarding  Boomer and health related online searchesboomers and beyond:

*  27% of boomers and 22% of silents use the web to access personal health info.

*  Boomers and seniors are least likely to refill prescriptions online.

Click here to read the full post.

#4: Senior Care Marketing Tips: Also from November, this post included insights shared during the first annual Senior Care Marketing Summit held in Chicago.  Top take-aways including using real language and skipping the acronyms and technical jargon to make terms easily digestible for seniors.

Read the full post here.

Traditions of America - college town - mature marketing#3: “Graduating” to College Towns: From December, this post explores the trend of boomers moving to college towns and featured our client Traditions of America as an example.

Baby boomers retiring to State College and Pittsburgh are very motivated by the influence of and access to higher education in those cities.

Read the full post here.

#2: 15 Marketing Insights for Motivating Boomers & Seniors in 2015: Part 1 of this series drew significant interest, as we shared actionable ideas to drive traffic and engage.  Opportunities within this post included:

*  Inbound Marketing

*  Video Marketing

*  Experiential Events

Discover more tips when you read the full post.

#1: Top Social Networks for Boomers: We kicked off 2014 with a blog sharing insights from The Pew Internet & American Life Project detailing the social networks most utilized by boomers and seniors.  The survey confirmed what we had uncovered within our Social, Silver Surfers research regarding Facebook serving as the dominant platform for people over 50.

Learn more when you read the full post.


What would a top countdown be without a special bonus?  Here are the top mature marketing tweets we shared in 2014–enjoy and be sure to include your thoughts in the comment section below.

From PR News: Twitter rolls out a MUTE button. 5 ways to avoid having it used on you. Click here for more.

From MarketingProfs: “Content” isn’t just things we think of as “marketing”.  Read more.

Also from Marketing Profs: Breaking out of boring with “unexpected stories”. Discover more here.


Mature Marketing Links of the Week- Stuffing the Stockings

December 22nd, 2014 Posted by Beth Mickey

Happy Monday!   We’re mixing things up this week, with Santa, Mrs. Claus and the reindeer providing the mature marketing news and insights of the week.  We’ve included links to Creating Results’ holiday themed content of years past which are filled with fun and festive insights on boomers and beyond.

And we’re in the giving mood.  If you share a mature marketing idea/insight or simply comment below, we’ll enter you to win a copy of our Social, Silver Surfers eBook.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

Mrs. Claus’ Secrets Exposed:  Discover boomer and senior secrets as we explore senior tidbits and secrets from the Mrs. herself.  Click here for an infographic chalk-full of senior insights from Mrs. Claus’ perspective.

Santa’s Senior Secrets:  By some accounts, Santa Claus is now 2014 years old. By others, he’s around 200. Either way, he’s definitely our favorite senior .  Click here for secrets from the jolly man in red.

Open the Door to A Happy Holidays: Visit this interactive page each day leading up to New Year’s to discover a new holiday surprise.  Click here to explore our holiday doors.



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