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In tough markets, many companies wonder if they should be investing in “doing branding.”

When Todd Harff recently addressed one of the largest chambers in the Washington DC area, he advanced the notion that a slow economy is the perfect opportunity to focus on branding, because you have the time to invest.

Check out Todd’s slides:

The presentation includes references and examples ranging from Harley Davidson to Coca-Cola’s market cap to Virgin Atlantic. (One of our favorite advertising headlines ever “Play with yourself.”)

We think branding isn’t something you “do.” It can’t be turned on or off, like a light switch.

What do you think?

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Erin Read

For nearly 13 years, Erin Read spearheaded integrated and digital marketing programs for Creating Results' clients. She directed and co-authored four national studies/eBooks (Photo Finish and three editions of Social, Silver Surfers) and served as the principal blogger for Mature Marketing Matters. Now a consultant to the agency, Erin is leveraging her expertise in marketing to baby boomers and seniors while tackling new challenges. Find her on LinkedIn .