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Does a green initiative make sense – from a brand perspective – for Wal-Mart? MediaPost asked Creating Results for its thoughts, and the answer was “yes – perfect sense.”

Consumers “are looking to make a connection, and it’s a way for brands to speak right to people’s core values,” [Creating Results’ Erin] Ruddick says.

Values marketing is important when trying to build relationships and loyalty with older consumers. It’s also tricky. Baby boomers have seen plenty of gimmicks and false claims. They can spot a phony a mile away.

In this case, “thrift” is a value that is truly Wal-Mart’s core. Their actions in recent years prove their commitment to the environment. It’s a nice fit for consumers and the brand.

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Mike Stakem

An award-winning designer with a BFA from George Mason University, Mike is Director of Creative Services, overseeing all creative talent, including internal and external designers, production artists, photographers, web designers and coders, and video producers.