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Generational marketing expert Todd Harff tells Housing for Seniors that 2010 will see innovation in the active adult (50+) housing market.  What form will that innovation take?  Many forms.  Harff says it’s clear that builders are focused on new concepts and marketing strategies, and that some past trends targeting Baby Boomers and beyond have run their course.

What’s Out:

  • High ceilings are loosing thier appeal as buyers come down to earth

    10-foot ceilings: Harff asks: “Do you really need that?” Boomers and “Silent Generation” consumers are going to want reduced heating and cooling costs. Higher ceilings equal more space, which equals higher utility bills….

  • Loading up on high-cost green features: 50+ homebuyers love the idea of having green features in the home, but very few of them are willing to pay extra for them.
  • Luxury and Excess: Granite is nice, but is increasingly considered unnecessary by these consumers, says Harff.

Read more of Brian Shappell’s interview with Harff at to learn about other trends that are out and what builders can do to prosper in an uncertain market.

Builders of new homes for Baby Boomers and other 50+/mature buyers are looking at how to survive and thrive in the coming year.  The only way to make money is to create new products that don’t compete against all the supply currently in the marketplace.

Creating Results has been working with clients to develop products that are more affordable and yet so appealing that they motivate people to move. We’re changing services and amenities, and getting creative with designs (not to mention the marketing).

We’d love to hear from you – what do you think is going to be in or out at active adult communities in 2010?

About The Author

Erin Read

For nearly 13 years, Erin Read spearheaded integrated and digital marketing programs for Creating Results' clients. She directed and co-authored four national studies/eBooks (Photo Finish and three editions of Social, Silver Surfers) and served as the principal blogger for Mature Marketing Matters. Now a consultant to the agency, Erin is leveraging her expertise in marketing to baby boomers and seniors while tackling new challenges. Find her on LinkedIn .