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It’s time for tip #9 from my “top 10 take-aways” from the 2010 International Builders Show (IBS): “Untangling the Web.”

Marketing to seniors and Baby Boomers via the Web involves making full use of SEO best practices, social networking tools, interactive features, active adult friendly designs and more.  Sadly, too many builders and developers forget to approach online marketing the way they would a new home: with a blueprint for success.  I love the way eMarketer puts it: “planning and organization are no longer optional.”

At IBS, sessions related to Internet marketing and homebuyers were very popular.  It seemed like everywhere builders and developers looked at this Las Vegas conference, someone was telling them to bet some or all of their marketing dollars on the Web. Without an internet strategy – a “blueprint” –, many communities are wasting time and money.

When speaking at the 50+ New England Housing Council’s annual meeting last month, I said there are three things to keep in mind for marketing active adult and retirement communities online:

* Print is not dead
* The Internet is not free
* Internet success is not overnight success

I invite you to share your thoughts below:  In your experience, are builders and developers spending enough time on internet strategy?  What “three things” will you keep in mind for your efforts in 2010?

P.S.  The “10 take-aways” white paper I mentioned above offers additional insights and some statistics from the new NAHB Marketing to Active Adults course that can help you benchmark your Internet success.  Complimentary download here.

About The Author

Todd Harff

Insights from agency Founder Todd Harff have been shared in Brand Week, Ad Age, Marketing Charts, The Wall Street Journal, The Journal on Active Aging, 50+ Magazine, and Selling to Seniors and from podiums at international conferences. He is the co-author of three national studies/eBooks (Photo Finish; Social, Silver Surfers 2010 & 2013). Todd also developed programs on marketing to Baby Boomers and seniors for George Mason University, Lasell College/ E.L.D.E.R. and NAHB’s University of Housing.