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Before we explore the world of tweets from the previous week we first wanted to express our sympathy in the passing of David B. Wolfe.  As a leading expert in marketing to mature consumers, David’s insights changed the way we marketers think about our approach to boomer and beyond marketing (his book Ageless Marketing is a required read at our agency for this reason).  Brent Green wrote a very touching tribute that can be found on his blog that sums it all up.

Tweet-Worthiest Tweets from the Previous Week

1. An infographic all about tea drove significant interest last week.  Did you know that tea is served with salt and butter in some countries?  Learn all about the wide world of tea with this fun trivia.

2. An insightful New York Times piece from last week provides a further glimpse into the graying workforce and retirement options (or lack of) for boomers and the impact on millennials:

3. Resolve to stand out in the inbox in 2012, explore  stats on email use by age and create your own recipe for email success:

4. Creating new Thanksgiving traditions- a sweet piece from The 70-Something Blog about  being thankful for family, health, shelter and peanut butter cups.

Interested In Your Thoughts:

A Q&A about QR codes and Baby Boomers: Do you utilize QR codes for marketing to baby boomers and beyond?  What successes have you seen?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Beth has more than 15 years of marketing experience and 10+ years experience working with both 55+ and Senior Living as a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS), and serves as Client Services Director for Creating Results. As an expert in e-engagement, Beth applies her experience in strategic planning and execution of digital marketing efforts for her clients to identify opportunities to leverage online and offline marketing avenues as part of an integrated marketing approach. Her experience serving both in a client and agency capacity helps her gain an understanding for her client’s needs and goals to maximize program performance and return on investment.