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I live in New England so I’m feeling glum. Time to cheer up with the links that were most shared, clicked on or discussed on Twitter last week!

1. MOST CLICKED: A post on email marketing and baby boomers and a case study that reveals the attitudes towards/challenges of aging in place tied for the most clicks.

To Email Boomers or Not To Email – Is That The Question? encourages marketers to realize – and embrace – the idea that older targets are receiving messages via email AND social media AND smart phones AND … As email expert Beth Rand (@BRAND727) writes,

“Email is not only a great medium for communicating relevant and timely information to Boomers and Seniors, its ability to present dynamic and engaging information tying to other online avenues makes it a no-brainer. So, if you’re questioning ‘to email or not to email Boomers,’ the answer should be a resounding YES.

The Maryland AARP (@AARPMaryland) led us to a case study by The Coordinating Center (Baltimore) on the desires for and challenges of aging in place. It’s a terrific read for those in senior living. Interviewees used “stairmasters” as a symbol for the positives of aging in place and “stair lifts” as a symbol for the obstacles. I was struck by how many of the interviews were really more about social wellness than physical wellness, as one strengthens the other.

“I have a membership at the Athletic Club and I go three days a week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I lift weights at Howard High. We are over 60 and it’s like a family thing. In fact we lost one member a couple of days ago. The coach asked everyone to gather in one little spot and she kind of walked away and she came back and she was full of tears.”

You’ll find the full report at

2. MOST SHARED: Fewer Beds for Men Entering Nursing Homes

Also receiving attention this week:

3. A terrific post on 5 things all email marketers need to know

4. A campaign from financial services company FiPath tells GenXers they can’t count on Social Security, pushes retirement planning and offers to put $1 to pay off Social Security debt for every new member that signs up. Read about the campaign here – – and please share your thoughts on this tactic below!

5. New stats show that advertising effectiveness and immediate recall of ads increase with age

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