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Ever wonder how we pick the mature marketing links that appear in this Monday round-up? The short answer is, we don’t.

They’re chosen by those who follow @CreatingResults on Twitter, who subscribe to our posts on Google+ or LinkedIn, those who have friended us on Facebook, or who engage with us on other social networks. We use the analytics platforms for each platform to see what caught the interest of this audience. Engagement such as clicks, favorites, shares, likes and retweets tell us which articles and resources were found most useful.

Then Monday comes, and it’s on with the show!

1. MOST SHARED: “An oldie but goodie” is how I described this newsletter article on baby boomers and their desire for lifelong learning. Subscribers to our newsletter may chuckle at the old design, but the insights regarding why and how this generation has a drive to learn still shine.excerpt from catalog for ccrc lifelong learning program, North Hill courses & events

Read the post:

RELATED: Continuing care retirement community client North Hill and active adult developer Traditions of America both have used that drive to learn as a way to drive sales. Educational events help them get and keep prospects moving into their communities.

Read more in this article from early 2012: or be inspired by North Hill’s Courses & Events program (catalog excerpt at right):

RELATED: The cruise industry is tapping into lifelong learning as a way to fill berths. Read more in this article from AOL Travel:

2. MOST CLICKED: As the 2013 Oscar nominations were announced, we were excited to see so many mature actors/actresses recognized. There is the oldest-ever best actress nominee: Emmanuelle Riva, 85 (“Amour”); Sally Field (66) and Helen Hunt (49) are vying for best supporting actress honors; and “baby” Philip Seymour Hoffman (45) is the only supporting actor nominee under 55.

It felt like the right time to link to our 2010 post on what Hollywood can tell us about marketing to matures, which became the most clicked of the week:

Also of note:

* The mysterious and drastic transformation of 50-year-old men (NPR News):

* This observation from health communicator Kathleen D. Hoffman, PhD: “Well, some of us don’t even have any silver left & let’s be real about the ‘golden’ years.”


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For nearly 13 years, Erin Read spearheaded integrated and digital marketing programs for Creating Results' clients. She directed and co-authored four national studies/eBooks (Photo Finish and three editions of Social, Silver Surfers) and served as the principal blogger for Mature Marketing Matters. Now a consultant to the agency, Erin is leveraging her expertise in marketing to baby boomers and seniors while tackling new challenges. Find her on LinkedIn .