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Occasionally our CCRC and 50+ clients will ask about purchasing email lists to reach more of their Boomer and Senior target market through their email marketing program.  I’ve always subscribed to the school of thought that you should NEVER purchase an email marketing list. Instead, focus on individuals who have raised their hands and want to engage with you.  Recently I came across a Marketing Profs article that addressed this very thing. It also provided some great insights for how you can effectively grow your eNews subscriber base without turning to the dark side.

According to the article by HubSpots’ Meghan Keaney Anderson:

Few things are as antithetical to good inbound marketing as purchasing a list of strangers’ email addresses and blasting them with your latest campaign. You may get a short-term win, but emailing to a purchased list can be detrimental in the long run.”

Why focus your efforts on people who, in most cases, know nothing about your brand and aren’t interested in learning more? Not to mention that it could negatively impact your reputation and cause folks to dump you in the SPAM=BAD category?  When you do that you’re just wasting your email marketing spend on open and click throughs that will never occur.

We recommend putting your efforts into the following email marketing baskets instead:

1. Create intriguing content: Nothing will make someone unsubscribe from your email newsletter faster than boring content.  Develop content that your subscribers can only receive as a member of your email program. Boomers value instant or advance notice of news and events.  Your content should be reflective of this to keep your subscribers attention.

2. Share the Love: At Creating Results we believe in the importance of an integrated marketing campaign that leverages a variety of avenues and mediums.  Promoting your email program at events, through Social Media and on site will help generate more knowledge of the program and grow your list.

3. Reward your Loyalists: Your current subscribers are the best advocates for helping you grow your email list.  Why not thank them for following and ask them to encourage like-minded (and interested) friends to subscribe as well?  Many email providers include functionality that easily allows email recipients to forward messages to specific friends — use it.

A successful email program is one that nurtures its loyal subscribers and looks for opportunities to earn new ones. To do this, promote the benefits of opt-in across as many avenues as possible.  Purchasing non opt-in email lists can hurt your email reputation and will negatively impact your program metrics.


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About The Author

Beth Mickey

Beth has more than 15 years of marketing experience and 10+ years experience working with both 55+ and Senior Living as a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS), and serves as Client Services Director for Creating Results. As an expert in e-engagement, Beth applies her experience in strategic planning and execution of digital marketing efforts for her clients to identify opportunities to leverage online and offline marketing avenues as part of an integrated marketing approach. Her experience serving both in a client and agency capacity helps her gain an understanding for her client’s needs and goals to maximize program performance and return on investment.