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Last week three of our team members made their way to the LeadingAge PA 2013 conference, and the tweets followed! Because of this, you’ll find a bit of a senior living bent to this week’s recap of top resources, articles and insights.


1. MOST SHARED: “LeadingAge PA members are like Higgs Boson – a force that makes everything else make sense.”

That tweet probably doesn’t make sense to a lot of readers of this blog! So let me back up a little.

LeadingAge PA is a trade association representing Pennsylvania not-for-profit organizations that provide housing, healthcare and community services primarily to the elderly. As part of their annual conference, a celebration of 50 years of the association, they invited Larry Minnix of the national LeadingAge organization to share some insights on Wednesday.

And boy did he ever.

Minnix offered two symbols for what LeadingAge PA members do (and any of us who care about our society’s older adults should do). On the macro level, he said, we must be like the North Star, guiding and helping others with a never faltering focus on the people we serve. It requires an “uncompromising commitment to quality, no matter what the difficulties or cost.” A terrific example cited are the marvelous Little Sisters of the Poor, who sang my own dear Nana off to heaven.

On the micro level, Minnix said, we must be like the Higgs boson particle … that “missing piece” that explains both inner space and the physical world … that particle that transmits forces between other forces.

It was an apt anology. The non-profit communities assembled last week and those in other states bring order to what could be chaos in an elder’s life. They borrow energy from teammates and community partners and older adults themselves, and they transmit that energy to others.

We’ll be sharing more from Minnix’s speech and other sessions at LeadingAge PA’s meeting through this blog. Today, I would love to hear your examples of people in senior living 0r other senior services who act as Higgs boson particles. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

2. MOST CLICKED: A DelWebb survey shows that most still-working baby boomers now plan to retire at 65. This reflects a more positive economic attitude, as in 2010 DelWebb survey respondents said their planned retirement age was was 67.

Active adults discuss retirement plans at an informational session for a new 55+ community in the Pittsburgh area.
Active adults discuss retirement plans at an informational session for a new 55+ community in the Pittsburgh area.

“Boomers are clearly feeling more positive about their situation and the housing market in general, with more expecting to retire sooner than just three years ago,” said Deborah Wahl, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for DelWebb parent company PulteGroup Inc.  “The percentage of respondents who indicate that they are likely to move again is comparable to prior studies and is significant when you consider the vast group of 79 million boomers in America today.”

Read the press release:


* What does 67 look like? via University of Indianapolis Center for Aging & Community

* This week’s winner in the “totally not news” competition:  Marketwatch, with their in-depth advice to “never call a boomer old.”


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