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Last week several members of the Creating Results team traveled to Dallas, Texas, for the LeadingAge 2013 annual meeting. It is a BIG state, and a BIG conference, and offered BIG insights for senior living and anyone looking to improve their seniors marketing effectiveness.

To help you achieve better seniors marketing results, we’ve collected our team’s top take-aways at These are ideas that can improve programs in all industries, and they include:

These include:

#4. What are you doing that is truly unique? If you can’t answer how the services and experiences you deliver are superior to other choices in the marketplace, you are a commodity. Your occupancy and financial strength will suffer. Get all team members involved in answering how your community is unique …[Click here to read more]

#8. Incentives should be for a finite period, or else they run the risk of cheapening your product. If you don’t design the incentive to have urgency (“move in the next 90 days and defer the entry fee for one year”) you may actually dis-incentivize prospects (“oh, they will run that special again in 3 months … I’ll wait”).

Read the rest of our top take-aways at

LeadingAge is the leading (no pun intended) association of not-for-profit senior living communities and aging services providers. The conference is always inspiring, shining a spotlight on the innovative programs being implemented across the US by thoughtful mission-driven organizations. Enjoy videos of 2013 Annual Meeting award-winning programs at


Did you attend the 2013 LeadingAge conference? What seniors marketing insights did you take home? Please share them in the comments, below!

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