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Happy Monday!  It’s hard to believe that the month is half over,  but glad that we can bring you another round of the mature marketing stories that had people talking this past week.  This week we focus on the big and little picture (read below for more).

Have a mature marketing piece we should note?  Please include in the comments below.

MOST SHARED: As marketers we strive to create a brand proposition that will stand out in the minds (AND hearts AND actions) of our prospects.  A recent article from Forbes explored what they define as 7 Characteristics of a Successful Brand.  Brand Characteristics

According to Jerry McLaughlin, “brand is the perception someone holds in their head about you, a product, a service, an organization, a cause, or an idea.  Brand building is the deliberate and skillful application of effort to create a desired perception in someone else’s mind.”

At Creating Results we work with our clients to identify what makes their brand truly unique (after all, you have to know your niche in order to own it).  According to the article this, along with audience knowledge, consistency in the quality of the offering  and passion, or rather the idea that without your own passion it is near impossible to build and sustain your brand are also characteristics identified as critical parts of your brand foundation. Click here to read the full article.

MOST CLICKED: Email marketing continues to be a relevant and critical element within a successful integrated marketing program. According to Pew 94% of Americans use regularly and, according to our own Social, Silver Surfers research, 77% of matures view email as a key social sharing tool.

Kathy Miranda recently identified her Six Reasons Email Marketing Leads to Leads in an article that had many people clicking to learn more. Among her reasons…

  1. We’re addicted: In an age of smart-phones and tablets your prospective leads can access their email on-the-go and do so round the clock. Miranda refers to is as an addiction and notes “if you’re suffering from it, it’s a good bet that your prospect is too.”
  2. It can create a personal connection: This is an aspect that we at Creating Results regularly stress with our own clients- that the more relevant you can make your email messaging, the more opportunity to guide your target market further down the purchase funnel.  According to the article, if you capture preferences from your subscribers be sure to use them to create a more personal messaging proposition. Click here to explore Miranda’s other reasons.


Don’t Let Your Email Marketing Be Evil

It’s Loyalty, My Dear Boomer..>Email Loyalty

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Beth Mickey

Beth has more than 15 years of marketing experience and 10+ years experience working with both 55+ and Senior Living as a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS), and serves as Client Services Director for Creating Results. As an expert in e-engagement, Beth applies her experience in strategic planning and execution of digital marketing efforts for her clients to identify opportunities to leverage online and offline marketing avenues as part of an integrated marketing approach. Her experience serving both in a client and agency capacity helps her gain an understanding for her client’s needs and goals to maximize program performance and return on investment.