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It's October 19th! Which means it's the day to wish our fearless, fun and fantastic leader, Todd Harff, the happiest of happy birthdays!

On to the "business" of this blog post -- our weekly round-up of links and resources that caught the attention of professionals in senior care, 50+ housing and other industries focused on older adults. What resonated with mature marketers like you?

2013 was a year of ups and downs in the news: the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Red Sox winning the World Series, Barack Obama beginning his second term versus the most recent passing of Nelson Mandela. Fortunately at Creating Results, we’ve had more ups than downs to report, including the celebration of our 20th year in business. I'd like…

MailChimp -- the email marketing service provider used to send more than 4 billion emails a month, including this blog -- recently asked and answered a great question: If all you knew about someone was their email address, what would you know about them? After pointing out the obvious prefix clues (John=male, grl=female), John Foreman of MailChimp took a look…