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So, you’re planning on building a brand-new senior living community, or expanding an existing one. Have you taken the time strategize about how you will secure deposits from future residents to ensure that you’re able to open your new community or neighborhood without a hitch?

The thing is, it can be hard to sell someone on something that doesn’t yet exist, which is why many communities choose to implement a pre-sales VIP program to entice prospects to buy into their new property. A pre-sales program is a great tactic for accelerating the timeline for reaching pre-sales goals on schedule.

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t packed with engaging content and thought starters from the senior living industry. Catch up on the latest news stories from the past month, ranging from one developer’s new approach to the continuing care retirement community (CCRC) concept to a journalist’s wake-up call to the younger generations.

A new year means new trends will inevitably shape the senior living industry over the next several months. In recent years, we’ve seen holistic approaches to wellness, increased home customization, open-layout design and an emphasis on lifestyle and amenities become mainstays in the senior living industry. So, what’s in store for 2018? Find out what industry experts believe will be the top five trends in 55+ living this year.

LeadingAge 2016 Annual Meeting Session: What Makes Boomers “Ready”?

This session featured both continuing care retirement community (CCRC) team members and residents, who emphasized that the days of the sales pitch are in our rearview mirror. Today’s consumers are looking to find where they have the greatest connection with employees and residents.

Budgets should be allocated for hospitality and bringing prospects and residents together to form a sense of community. Rather than presenting to a prospect, the aim should be to develop a relationship with the future resident.

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) and other businesses marketing to Baby Boomers and active adults frequently ask us about new technologies, or how much time and money to invest in social media/social engagement. Problem is, they often forget the power of an “old-school” marketing tool: personal recommendations or referrals. Word of mouth/referrals are, indeed, powerful with all ages of consumers. As John Jantsch puts it in his description of his new book, “The Referral Engine:”secrets

The power of glitzy advertising and elaborate marketing campaigns is on the wane; word- of-mouth referrals are what drive business today. People trust the recommendation of a friend, family member, colleague, or even stranger with similar tastes over anything thrust at them by a faceless company.

Effectiveness of Referrals in Health, Travel and Financial Services Industries

Referrals have an impact in all stages of a purchase decision, from when consumers decide which products to consider, to when they evaluating options to when they make a decision to buy. The reality is that there is no way you can “test drive” a holiday to Bali. There are no in-store samples when it comes to choosing healthcare or financial services. The statistics below show the importance of recommendations and word of mouth in those industries where product/service “demos” aren’t easily come by.

Two new articles to share for those committed to more effective marketing to Baby Boomers and Silent Generation (seniors).  Last week, MarketingSherpa profiled a campaign for one of our retirement community (CCRC) clients that lifted leads from older prospects more than 267% over the previous year.  And, the International Council on Active Aging(ICAA) featured a by-line by our own Todd…