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When we were younger, we asked “Why is the sky blue?” While the answer is scientific and quite complicated, it’s not far from the same mentality and approach we must take to blue sky marketing in active adult and senior living communities. But in marketing, it’s less about molecules, light and reflections, and more around timing, market research and earning…

Part 1 of a series on market research to better understand - and motivate - baby boomers and seniors. Today’s boomers and seniors are telling marketers what works – and what doesn’t – in motivating them to buy a product, sign up for a list, join a club or take other actions. You just have to know what to ask and how to listen. Unfortunately, many organizations working to attract or motivate older adults aren’t taking advantage of new, digital research methods. Why? I addressed three main reasons in my presentation: * Misconception: seniors and boomers are not online or expressing their opinions online * Fear: digital research requires costly, specialized tools or platforms * Cloudy vision: not seeing the gold to be found in the marketing platforms and services already in use All this week I’ll challenge the obstacles noted above. Posts will share actionable tips for following your customer’s lead. I’ll include lists and links to resources available to organizations of all sizes.